Stella – 23/5/2024 @Gagarin205

On Saturday 23 March, the Σtella celebrates ten years since the official release of the Picking Words, with a big anniversary concert at the Gagarin 205!!

Ten years since the first official single she released on Inner Ear Records in 2014, an original independent radio/music single hit with which he launched a multi-talented recording activity full of collaborations, tours and transformations. A path that led her to last year’s “Up and Away” of SUB POP Records and a promising future!


But Σtella’s story starts even earlier, when in 2011/2012, with guest appearances in releases and live shows of bands like Expert Medicine and My Wet Calvin, Holding Grass by Fever Kids (her alter ego at the time, with Alexis Zambaras) in the heavy rotation of En Lefko and the comet Detox as an online self-release, Stella Chronopoulou (before she even put the initial S in Stella) started to introduce her characteristic artistic style to the Greek audience.

Pretty soon she formed her own band, attracted the interest of Inner Ear by signing a two album deal and recorded her debut album that would include Picking Words as well as Detox, The Map, Made To Attack and many more, with the iconic yellow pyramid of jelly on the cover.

At the same time, he collaborated with Nteibint on four of his own dance singles on the Belgian Eskimo Recordings and on 2017’s Works For You, Stella’s second album on Inner Ear, this time with her on the front cover as a ninja!

But while her concert activity in Greece and abroad had already begun to intensify and new participations in songs by Sillyboy, S.W.I.M. and Man from Managra or the soundtrack of the short film Copa Loca by Christos Massalas continued to put her in the process of experimenting with new artistic contacts, she decides to take the next step, recording her third full-length album on her own and even for the international record label Arbutus Records from Montreal, Canada, home of – among others – Grimes, Sean Nicholas Savage, Tops, Better Person and Blue Hawaii!!!

It was then that she met the English producer Redinho and they collaborated on what would later become the core of Up and Away, her fourth album, creating together (between Athens and London) a relatively different – much more organic – sound, finding a new shelter in the legendary SUB POP and bombing a few years later on Spotify with “Charmed”, of many millions of streams, as the first single.

Stella is now a sought-after international indie act, her tours are sold out, her global radio airplay (among many others in the official playlist of BBC Radio 6) continues to be impressive, in her latest single “Girl Supreme” she collaborates with Edmund Irwin-Singer of Glass Animals in mixing and additional production and the summer of 2024 is expected to be full of interesting performances in headline events and festivals around Europe.

With a new line-up on the stage of Gagarin 205, this is expected to be Stella’s biggest ever personal concert in Athens, looking back at songs from her entire ten-year discography and especially celebrating with her timeless music fans the exciting journey that started for her back then, with the cosmic circumstance that gave birth to Picking Words.

She will be joined by musicians:

Vellisarios Prassa – Bass

Elias Aronidis – Drums

Odysseas Tziritas – Guitar

Orestis Benekas – Keyboards

Christos Skondras – Bouzouki

Σtella – Celebrating 10 Years
opening act: TBA

Gagarin 205

Saturday 23 March 2024 | 21:00 | Pre-sale (early bird €14 / €16 / box office 18)


Stella ➤