Clean Cities

(Documentary – 1h1m – 2021)

Who cleans the world’s cities? Why are the majority of them women and immigrants? The well-traveled performance “Clean City” at the Onassis Cultural Center becomes the occasion for a hybrid film. Four different filmmakers follow the show’s tour to as many cities: Skopje, Sarajevo, Montpellier, Istanbul. Migrant cleaners, protagonists of the show and not, narrate their lives, talk about the racism of the “clean”, the danger of fascism, female migration and sexual abuse. A modular film on the borders of documentary and fiction, starting from the filmed theatrical performance by Anestis Aza and Prodromos Tsinikori.

Produced by:
Onassis Foundation
Screenplay & Director: Marina Danezi Director of Photography: Claudio Bolivar Director of Photography: Dimitris Zivopoulos Director of Sound: Lefteris Kabalonis Editing: Andreas Giannakopoulos Audio Mixing: Dimitris Migiakis Dimitrios Mykakis, Director of Production: Tasos Koronakis Production Executive: Laika Productions
Director: Kostas Mandilas Camera: Panagiotis Manolitis, Kostas Mandylas Sound designer: Alekos Sakellariou Super 8 Film: Kostas Mandylas Production Executive: Anastasia Mumtzaki Production: Production House Greece
Screenplay, Camera & Direction: Constantinos Chatzinikolaou Executive Producer: Angeliki Aristomenopoulou Editing: Artemis Anastasiadou Sound Design & Mixing: Persephone Miliou Camera Assistant: Stelios Moraitidis Production Organization: Irilena Tsami Editing Services: Massive Productions Video Production & Interviews: Angeliki Aristomenopoulou Appeared: Mabel Mosana, Rositsa Pandalieva, Fredalyn Resurreccion, Drita Shehi, Valentina Ursache Acknowledgements: Anestis Azas, Christos Sarris, Prodromos Tsinikoris Théâtre des 13 vents The text is based on interviews with Mabel Mosana, Rositsa Pandalieva, Fredalyn Resurreccion, Drita Shehi, Valentina Ursache
Directed by: Christos Sarris Director of Photography: Alexander Asplint Assistant Camera: Dimitris Zivopoulos Director of Sound & Sound Mixing: Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos Production Management: Despina Sifniadou Editing: Dimitris Zivopoulos Speech selection: Melpomene Maragidou Translation from Turkish: Yannis Panourgias Color Editing: Manthos Sardis Post-production Coordination: Elena Horemi, Smaragda Dogani Fixer: Mert Gürel Casting Agent: Giovanni Ajans RentPhotoVideo, DK Video Productions Thanks to: Larsa Larsson, Gamze Larsson, Savaş Tan, Zorlu Performing Arts Center (Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi) Arife Göksu, Selma Kodon, Edanur Göksu, Mithatcan Göksu, Mabel Mosana, Rositsa Pandalieva, Fredalyn Resurreccion, Drita Shehi, Valentina Ursache Music: Alexis Kalofolias Recorded and Produced by: Buildings at Night
Screenplay & Direction: Anestis Azas, Prodromos Tsinikoris Dramaturgical Collaboration & Research: Margarita Tsomou Stage Design & Costume Design: Eleni Strulia Assistant Stage Designer & Costume Designer: Zaira Falirea Lighting: Elise Alexandropoulou Music: Panagiotis Manouilidis Video: Nikos Pastras Assistant Directors: Ioanna Valsamidou, Liana Taousiani Production Management: Vassilis Chrysanthopoulos Nelly Kampouri appears in the videos Doll Contrsuction: Yannis Katranitsas Actors: Mabel Mosana, Rositsa Pandalieva, Fredalyn Resurreccion, Drita Shehi, Valentina Ursache Translator: Memi Katsoni Production: Onassis Cultural Centre Co-production: Goethe-Institut, in the framework of the project Europoly (Europoly: A project of the Goethe Institutes in Europe in collaboration with the Kammerspiele in Munich, the Onassis Cultural Centre, Sirenos - International Theatre Festival in Vilnius, Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon and the Tiger Fringe Festival in Dublin) Videography: Dotmov