(Short – 15’ – 2021)

Electra, has been a teacher a few years ago in the industrial village X. A decaying village with no outlets, across the street from which stands a huge factory, not in its prime. One gets there by country roads, amidst a devastated landscape with deposits of black rust. Leah, a former student of Electra’s, was and still is beautiful and works in the Heaven café-bar owned by “Kanivalos”. Leah has no outlets. The entertainment and spectacle is exhausted in made-up cars drifting around lifting the black dust of the alana. Electra knows that Leah deserves another glory and knows that as her teacher, at least once, she must lead her to it. Electra returns. And she will take Leah with her to do the robbery they both need: Leah to escape, Electra to tie her up.

Directed by:
Marina Simeou
Yorgos Servetas
Produced by:
Marina Danezi, Laika Productions
Actors: Theodora Tzimou, Ania Lebedenko, Yannis Drakopoulos Director of Photography: Thomas Tsiftelis Editing: Panos Angelopoulos Sound: Christos Sakellariou Sound Design-Mixing: Dimitris Migiakis Set Design/Costumes: Katerina Hatzopoulou, Angelina Pagoni Make-up: Eva Gaitanidou Colorist: Angelos Mantzios, Metapost Performers: Efi Dementi, Yannis Drakopoulos, Ania Lebedenko, Paraskevi Thanasou, Theodora Tzimou Production Management: Tasos Koronakis Co-production: Microfilm-ΕΡΤ