EVA. A story of love and pain. (in development)

(Documentary – in development – 70′ – Greece)
Supported by the Greek Film Center at the stage of development.


The film portrays a woman living her life like nobody else.

Eva is a painter and a performer. This story follows her as she experiences her passion for another woman.

The film often goes back to the past to narrate her life.

Eva was born to a filmmaker father in 1967, the “golden age” of Greek cinema. Her mother is diagnosed with schizophrenia. From a young age, Eva, in an almost magical way, “crosses” the sets of Finos Film and finds herself behind the scenes with directors like Zeffirelli.

As a teenager, she has spiky hair and is associated with important people, such as Dimitris Papaioannou, Alexis Bistikas, and the angry members of Panx Romana to write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest about the Athens Polytechnic uprising.

We follow Eva in her art studio where she paints friends, strangers or self-portraits. We watch her perform eccentric acts, dance at wild parties and chat with fellow creators.

We witness Eva’s love for “Her”, an unprecedented passion, along with the suffering it brings about.

The film may conclude with Eva’s retrospective exhibition, or with a performance with Dimitris Papaioannou, in a moment of “ecstatic release”.

Director’s Profile

Giannis Misouridis
Director – Cinematographer
Graduate of the Film School Papantonopoulos

Multiple IDFA entries and awards at festivals in Greece and abroad, as a documentary director, editor and sound designer

Director of Photography in numerous documentaries and multimedia productions, specialised in the use of alternative narrative methods

Observational documentary, essay documentary, and hybrid narrative forms

Knowledgeable in editing (FCPro X)

Street and still life photographer


Director of documentaries and TV shows (private and state television)

Director of Photography in many TV shows (private and state television)

Director of Photography in award-winning documentaries by the Greek Film Centre (GFC)