Non Serviam. On the road with Rotting Christ. (in development)

(Documentary – in development – 70′ – Greece)
Supported by the Greek Film Center at the stage of development.
Pitched at Medimed’s anti pitch for greek projects
Greece. Athens. In the mid-80s. In the aftermath of the seventh-year military junta. Two brothers grow up in a working-class neighborhood. Sakis and Themis are about to discover metal music through pirated tapes. They’ll be inspired by their repulsion toward the orthodox, conservative Greek society. They started experimenting by recording their first songs in analog on a tape recorder. Their dream is to make something of their own and travel the world.

35 years later, Rotting Christ is a band with a global reach in the extreme metal scene with thousands of fans all over the planet and more than 1500 live shows from Latin America to Australia, from Sri Lanka and Thailand to Canada.

Driven by the next world tour for the presentation of their new album, we will discover that not everything was easy along this path. The band’s composition changed, again and again, panic attacks almost broke them up, as fights, fatigue, stress and even threats, prohibitions and imprisonments were constantly there.

An honest glimpse at the band’s history and life on the road.

Fearless, extreme and beautiful, just like their music.

Director’s Profile

John Nikolopoulos was born and raised in Athens, Greece and studied cinematography at  institute of vocational training Akmi. He is an independent filmmaker, cinematographer & editor since 2004, working on a variety of formats including documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films.

He is the director of Pangea documentary, winner of On Art Film Festival Poland 2019, in the Medium Length Category and official selection of 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 13th DocFest and many more.

He is the cinematographer and editor of Life Is A Beach, a greek television travel series for Star Channel. He has also worked with many music bands, websites and magazines such as Nightfall, SixforNine, Nightrage, On Thorns I Lay, GrindHouse Studios, WWF Greece, yusra magazine, HUMBA! magazine, Kevin Murphy Greece and many others.