It’s love that makes a family – Onassis Foundation

A campaign with love and acceptance at its heart, fighting for the rights that same-sex families in Greece clearly ought to enjoy. Launched by Onassis Stegi and Rainbow Families Greece, in the context of Athens Pride.

Same-sex families in Greece, in the year 2022, are without legal protection. At a time when legislative frameworks have been put in place across a large proportion of Europe and the rest of the world, fully recognizing the rights of same-sex couples to marry and adopt, joint parenthood involving persons of the same sex is not yet recognized in Greece.
Onassis Stegi is joining forces with Rainbow Families Greece to help make family ties legally binding. Because love, in and of itself, has the power to shake things up and make people reconsider, to overcome obstacles and bring about change.
Because it’s love that makes a family.

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Directed by:
Marina Danezi
Produced by:
Onassis Foundation
Concept: Nikos Athanasopoulos Campaign Manager: Daniel Vergiadis Screenplay: Elizampetta Ilia-Georgiadou, Evangelia Kolaiti Director of Photography: Konstantinos Koukoulios Editor: Pantelis Liakopoulos Production Manager: Tassos Koronakis Colorist: Angelos Mantzios – MetaPost Sound Design: Bounce Music 1st DoP Assistant: Stamatis Kouros 2nd DoP Assistant: Dimitris Kapnoulas Gaffer: Damianos Timnios Best Boy Electric: Konstantinos Lomvardas Art Director: Maira Voultsou Make-up Artist: Niki Ovakoglou Head of Production Assistant: Nina Efstathiadou Production Assistant: Maria Kontopidi Transportations: Giorgos Chasiotis Van Rental: Kostas Alexopoulos Equipment Rental: Cekta, DK Rental House Lighting Equipment: Bright & Vision
Starring: Kostas Vogiatzoglou, Giorgos Zoumpakis and Emily Christopoulou Voice-over: Jasmin Papadimitriou Featuring also: Thanasis Athanasiadis, Tassos Kampouris, Dimitris Karavas, Stella Bellou, Thomas Florou, Stelios Christopoulos, Elena Choremi, Daniel Vergiadis, Elizampetta Ilia-Georgiadou, Evangelia Kolaiti And our little friends: Maria Yeboah, Maya Kampouri, Myrto Kampouri, Anna Karadimatraki, Dimitra Karadimitraki, Ioli-Georgia Moudilou, Katerina Fysaki