Sam Roma

(Documentary – Short – 40’ – 2014)

The Greek Roma are peculiar, and their identity is lost somewhere in between the past and their roaming through the land. From India to Egypt and from Sweden to Britain the Wandering Kings of the Road are a steady part of human geography, sometimes living slightly outside the law and social acceptance.

Written/Directed by:
Marina Danezi
Produced by:
Nikos Triantaphyllidis / NIMA Art and Culture Actions
Director of Photography: Christos Sarris Editin: Giorgos Zafiris Sound: Kostas Koutelidakis Original Music: Kostis Zouliatis Mixing: Dimitris Migiakis Director of Photography on the set of Ayia Varvara: Claudio Bolivar Sound recording on the set of Ayia Varvara: Yannis Antipas The music was recorded at Shakti Studio With the support of the Hellenic Film Centre (HFC) and the Byzantine Museum
Participation at Film Festivals:
Greece 25 September 2014 (Athens Film Festival), Greece 14 March 2015 (Thessaloniki Documentary Festival), Iran 24 May 2015 (Urban Film Festival), Russia 4 July 2015 (Russian Anthropological Film Festival), Albania 17 September 2015 (Balkan Film and Food Festival), Serbia 10 October 2015 (International Festival of Ethnographic Film), Australia 17 October 2015 (Greek Film Festival Australia), USA 21 October 2015 (New York City Greek Film Festival), Germany 20 November 2015 (Exground Filmfest)