We can do without single-use plastics – Ministry of Environment & Energy

With the second video of the “Greece Without Single-Use Plastics” campaign, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Public Benefit Foundation Athanasios K. Laskaridis, with the support of the Hellenic Recycling Organization, invite citizens to adopt more ecological habits in their daily lives, because “we can do without single-use plastics”.

The video urges people to give up their old habits. The days of fixing our teeth with pliers, communicating with each other by telegraph or surfing the Internet at very slow speeds are long gone. So as we have moved on and abandoned these habits, we are taking disposable plastics out of our daily lives.

Although they have made our daily lives easier for almost seven decades, they are now a serious problem for public health and the environment. Technological advances are fast moving and everything around us is changing drastically. That is why we all need to raise awareness by changing our habits and lifestyles.

Disposable plastics are an anachronistic habit that we can easily change, starting with the simplest one: We choose a reusable cup for our coffee and beverages or a reusable water bottle. «We can do without signle-use plastics»!

The video of the “Greece Without Single-Use Plastics” campaign will be shown as a social message, following the approval of the National Broadcasting Council.

More info about the campaign “Greece Without Single0use Plastics”:

• on the website: www.supfree.gr
• on Facebook: Ελλάδα Χωρίς Πλαστικά Μίας Χρήσης
• on Instagram: @supfreegreece
• at the email: sup@prv.ypeka.gr

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Campaign "Greece Without Singe-use Plastics"
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