The Haunts: Stories of Vulgar Civilisation

Documentary series of Nikos Triantafyllidis

“The Haunts: Stories of Vulgar Civilisation” is a documentary series of the late Nikos Triandafyllidis that records the urban stories through space and time of the areas of mass gathering.

The places we call “Haunts” are not only centers of group expression within the framing of established times but also carriers of the unwritten history of the city through the continuity of time. When writing down the scattered urban stories, we can compose the “bigger picture” like a modern mosaic, through the field observation that connects the viewer immediately, daily and meaningfully with the spaces and the people it focuses on.

The series “The Haunts: Stories of Vulgar Civilisation” used to be broadcasted by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) and the episodes are 50 minutes long. The “Au Revoir”, the “Shack of Simon”, the “Videoclub”, the “Stadium”, the “Rose”, the “Philologist Coffeehouse”, the “Discotheque”, the “Tavern”, the “Barber Shop”, the “Fokionos Negri”, the “Βoîtes” and the “Urban Stoas” are a few of the Haunts that the camera of the series has visited.


  1. The videoclub
  2. The Bar Au Revoir
  3. The shack of Simon (Greek beatniks)
  4. The football stadium
  5. The discotheque
  6. The bar consommation 
  7. The tavern
  8. The barber shop 
  9. The philologists’ coffeehouses 
  10. The beach
  11. Fokionos Negri
  12. The invasion of rock and roll



  1. Rodon live
  2. The tripe shop 
  3. The dance school
  4. The Boîte
  5. The record store
  6. The folk music venues
  7. The taxi
  8. The cafe
  9. Facebook
  10. Fan clubs
  11. The betting agency
  12. Urban arcades
  13. The actor’s house
  14. The vintage bookshops
  15. The farmer’s market
  16. Refugee and immigrant haunts


  1. The tattoo studios
  2. Rehearsal studios
  3. Trucks – it’s love
  4. The gym
  5. The dating agency
  6. Charama – Tsitsanis’ venue
  7. The history of variete theater in Athens
  8. The hairdresser’s salon
  9. KAPI – social groups for the elderly 
  10. The overnight haunts
  11. Avissinia square
  12. The street food truck



  1. Vourla – the first state brothel
  2. The car workshop
  3. The neighborhood of Troumpa in Piraeus
  4. The skate parks 
  5. The billiard clubs
  6. The internal immigrants’ coffeehouses 
  7. The souvlaki places
  8. The jazz clubs
  9. The mini markets
  10. The haunts of metal music
  11. The open air cinemas
  12. The pool


  1. Shadow theater (Karagiozis) in Athens
  2. The comic shops
  3. Publishing – print houses
  4. Hollywood Arcade


  1. The film clubs
  2. The trains
  3. Rock punk at Plaka
  4. Stelios Kazantzidis’ fan clubs
  5. Nightclubs – the golden age
  6. Stand up comedy
  7. The hip-hop haunts
  8. The bicycle
  9. The bouzouki luthiers 
  10. Pedion of Areos
  11. Omonoia Square
  12. The puppet show 
  13. Friends of Classic Cars (PHILPA)
  14. The amateur radio stations
  15. The tsipouro haunts
  16. Nikos Triandafyllidis’ haunts