Mother (In Development)

in development | human rights, current affairs | 75min | expected release spring 2025

Oula went to the armed conflicted Ukraine, to get her newborn child, that was born from another woman. She stands in front of her existential crisis as a new mother, in a country, that thousands of young women are thinking to carry pregnancy as a source of money.


Ukraine Is a World Leader in Surrogacy but Babies Are Now Stranded in a War Zone. Children from France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland,Greece, Israel, Argentina, Brazil and China, are waiting to move to their biological parents.

Oula from Greece, travels in Chernivci, to take Salome, her newborn baby, born in the womb of a Ukrainian lady from
Kharkov. Oula, in fact, is getting trapped in Ukraine, because of bureaucratic obligations that did not allow Salome to leave the
country, for two months.

She realizes that in the last two years, during the pandemic and the following war, she’s got a couple of twin babies with an “in
vitro” fertilization and a newborn girl, from a surrogate mother from Ukraine.

War has destroyed much of the Ukrainian economy. But one key industry — delivering babies via surrogates — continues
amid the epic strife. Women from all over the country, are willing to do the same, to donate their bodies for financial

Director Cv

Giannis Misouridis has devoted himself completely to the art of the documentary for nearly 30 years. His films have competed
in major foreign festivals (IDFA, Zagreb Film Festival) and he has had numerous entries in the international Thessaloniki
Documentary Festival.

Producer Cv

Marina Danezi was born in Athens in 1982. She completed studies in mathematics and theater. Her work revolves around social and cultural issues, touching upon minorities and subcultures, while a significant part of her output explores the urban fabric and contemporary human geography.