The Trap

(Documentary – Short – 24’ – 2009)

When you are unsuspectingly caught in the trap, it is almost certainly the end. Faka-The Trap is a documentary film about the rehabilitation of the disabled (and beyond). Psychiatric hospitals-warehouses of people and hostels at risk in Athens on Christmas 2009. Dionysis is 34 years old and lives with his mother. He is quadriplegic and has a slight mental retardation. He loves Sunday walks, singing, talking on the phone and secretly drinking Coke! His future is uncertain. As he says: “It’s too hard in the society we live in today. Well, our parents will leave, but what do we, the children, have to look forward to?”

Written/Directed by:
Marina Danezi
Produced by:
Nikos Triantafyllidis - Marina Danezi
Director of Photography: Yannis Haritidis Music: Kostis Zouliatis Editing: George Georgopoulos Director's assistants: Fokion Bogris - Angeliki Anagnostopoulou Photos: Anastasia Boikou - Angeliki Anagnostopoulou